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The First Time Hurts a Little

Hello interwebs! Not really sure how to start this but welcome! I'm sure if you're here it's because: A. I bribed you B. I begged you C. You're here for the smut talk Any and all of those are wonderful reasons and thank you. Let's dive into the porn, shall we? This week I'm reading a Reylo fanfic (because of course I am) called Ileenium Manor by the amazing WaterLilyRose. It's written as an Eyre-Bronte inspired Reylo fanfic and it's just lovely. I'm not really getting a lot of the Eyre-Bronte but I'm definitely getting a lot of Downton Abbey/Upstairs Downstairs which is equally wonderful. Ok, enough adjectives about how good it is, let's talk about the good stuff!  As of this writing I have not gotten to the actual sex but there's been some hand and mouth work. The latter of which I accidentally read at work so that was awkward. Rey is a servant in Ileenium Manor and Lord Solo is the surly master of the home. Leia is there, so is Finn, and BB8. I love this fic because it's written as Rey's awakening into her own pleasure, especially when women weren't expected to have that. Trope Rey is "unlike any woman of her time" and "outspoken".  Ben is adorable too. Wait, Lord Solo or Kylo Ren, not Ben. Well she can call him Ben after an experimental blowjob, so there. I'm enjoying the First Order aspect in this. The Resistance is the ruling government but the First Order is a small sect gaining traction, with Snoke, Hux, Phasma, Ren, and fucking Bazine. Favorite part is the psuedo-Dom Rey scene. Yum Very well written. 10/10 so far. Can't wait to finish. This week I "finished" Crimson Lane by roadlesstravelled. Finished is in quotes because it's hovering at chapter 23/24 and OH MY FUCKING GOD IT NEEDS AN ENDING. So good. Another Reylo fic because that's the mood I'm in lately. Rey is a sex worker who is roped into it because of a debt she needs to pay. Kylo/Ben is Snoke's primary errand boy who commits all sorts of heinous deeds. The first few chapters are a ride! The smut and angst start heavy then taper, then crank up again. Y'all, it was/is a roller coaster. Favorites part are the punishing blowjob and the description of Hux's penis. It's a dark fic and well done. Tagged appropriately on AO3 which is much appreciated. I seriously cant get enough of this. I simultaneously want it to end so I have closure and also not because I need more of their character representations in my life. Alright folks. First post in the bag. Hoping to do this once a week. Hoping to also branch out from Reylo fic but dammit that's what I want right now so you're stuck with reading it vicariously through me.

Here's a list of shit I find amazing today: Music: The Dark of You by Breaking Benjamin and Happier by Marshmello Makeup: Red Delicious Gloss by Lipsense Random: shootout to the guy I saw riding a unicycle and carrying a plate of food. You the real MVP If you have a recommendation, send it over! My only rule for reads is that the sex/romance must be consensual (light dub-con ok)


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